Can You Really Think Yourself Rich?

We see all the time that we can get want we want if we think about it.  We can think ourselves rich according to Napoleon Hill.  Most people who read it are very skeptical of the claim, which is the appropriate response to some outrageous claim like that.

What is actually going on?  It is just a meditation, a prayer if you will.  We are putting our thoughts out into the universe.  If we think on it constantly, the universe is going to respond.  The universe is going to send us the ideas to get us what we want in our prayer. 

If we are thinking about something everyday, we start seeing the things that are needed to accomplish that goal.  It is the same idea as when you are buying a car, you start to see that car everywhere you go.  We can use this concept with the things that we want to accomplish in this life.  If you find that you want to do something, you use intentionality to achieve.

When you wake up in the morning, you want to speak it into existence.  You want to meditate on the idea that you have.  See it in your minds eye.  Experience what it means when you accomplish your goal.  You have to be like a sports player who will sit in the locker room and visualize himself doing the things that he needs to do on the field.  You have to see yourself with your mind before you can do the things that you need to accomplish it.

Once you start seeing yourself in that way, then the universe is going to start sending ideas of how to accomplish your task.  If you want to be ripped, the universe will put in your path the ideas that you need to grasp.  It will help you find information that will lead to the consequences that you want to happen.

It is so easy you just think it and become. 

The part that almost nobody does is the follow through.  They know that they should because they have been thinking, but they still don’t.  Everyone can get excited for a few days and do something.  They will feel great about themselves and think they are going to do something great.  In reality, they will eventually get to a point to where you have to overcome the boredom and challenge. 

The true greats are the ones who push through.  They push through the first dip and then the second and then the third.  They hold the fire in their mind’s eye through it all.  It is something that drives them because they have succumbed to the belief that they are what they see themselves at.  The devotion to that belief is what it takes to think yourself into reality.  You have to have almost a delusional self-belief to something that is not yet real.  You will look mad to those who know you, but nothing else will matter until your reality matches your beliefs.

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