Confidence Conquers Fear

People will often ask me why I write about the things that I do.  There are many things that I will write about that I’m learning about and not an expert of.  When I wanted to get fit, I started writing about fitness.  Same with business and same with philosophy. 

It may seem strange to most, but if I can slowly become an expert on something, it actualizes into the real world.  It is my process of pushing myself into the 1 percent.  I believe that the only way that I can become something is to see it in your mind first, and the more you think about it, the more you do it. If you are constantly thinking and doing small things in the direction that you want, you become what you think about.

Most of those around you will think that you are a fraud in what you say and think about. You will feel like a fraud yourself.  Because it’s true.  You want to become a master of chess.  Start thinking about chess. Think about it, write about it, do it.

It is the same thing that I did when I started trading in the stock market.  I knew in my mind that I was a master.  But the trades kept failing me legendary status.  But I kept on learning.  I kept on saying that I knew what I was doing and I started to get some wins.  Those wins pushed me on for more knowledge and it becomes a never ending cycle. You either keep going and learning or you have to admit that you aren’t what you said you were. 

Admitting that I am a failure is never an option for me.  I just can’t bring myself to admit that I failed at something.  I will just keep going until it turns out the way that I want.  I have 30 different ‘failed’ businesses but I am a successful businessman.  All it takes is the one inspirational choose to make you a success.  It is amazing how quickly people forget those failures when you are the one sitting on top of a pile. 

I know inherently that I am going to be millionaire.  In every fiber of my body there is a belief that I will accomplish the mission that I have set upon myself. 

Belief is the great difference maker in people. If you believe in yourself, you can figure out a way to do what you need to accomplish your mission. It is not that you aren’t going to experience any failures but they are not the end of you.  Now that I have started my career as a writer, I know that I will fail many times. I already have.  Putting your thoughts out onto the internet where people will critique anything and everything can be intimidating.  I just assume that is the cost of doing business. 

It’s the same with anything really.  Opening your first business, you feel like a fraud.  You think about how no one is going to buy your product.  Is it going to fail? These types of ideas go through your head all the time.  You just ignore them because you believe in yourself. 

Train Hard, Conquer Nature

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