Finding The Mountains

Path In The Mountains

When I was a younger man, I used to read books about all the heroic deeds of the past.  I would be consumed by the extraordinary things that these men did.  I couldn’t fathom there possibly being a way that I could replicate their struggles into today’s world.  It seemed so impossible.  We are largely at peace in our comfortable society.  We have no epic struggle.  There is plenty of food.  Where could I test myself and become a man?

Then I found the mountains.  They were different.  They were cold.  It was you against the vastness of time.  I saw in them a place that the only way to succeed was to keep going.  To keep pushing against all that nature has.  She is an epic enemy.

Being up against her, prepares you for the struggles of life.  Just as on the side of a mountain, life doesn’t afford excuses.  It is you either push forward or you die; the problem in today’s world is that it a slow, lonely, painful death.  The bold who push back against life will survive.

Building the mental strength to push on.

You have to be prepared to know that everything will not go as planned.  Something will break.  A storm you didn’t know was coming.  You will never be fully prepared.  You will be scared to take that first step.  But you do it because it is necessary to reach the peak.  Mental strength is the only thing that allows you to stand on top of the world.  It is the thing that allows your body to push on when others would fail. 

And once you leave and head back to normal life it is something that puts you at a greater advantage against the rest of the masses.  You know that you will overcome.  You know that you can’t be stopped.  Mainly because your competition is so useless.  98% of the people you come across aren’t even trying to win at life.  They don’t have that drive that pushes them like you.  Only crazy people want to go risk their lives on the top of a mountain.  So you beat them. That final 2% of people are the ones you are actually battling against. 

Within that 2% you will find friends.  You will find people that love that you are driven. They will back you, fight against you and many times beat you.  But that is what you want.  You want that story of the triumphant comeback.  You want the taste of victory against worthy opponents.  With those victories comes the spoils of life.  Fame, money, respect.  Against people who are not just common.  Fighting against the best is the only place to be in life. 

While we may not be roaming bands of Vikings anymore, we have to fight in our modern world.  The mountain is the test that makes us who we are.  Find your strength.  Your inner warrior and push yourself.  Become better than this world so that you can conquer it.

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