Leadership: Master Your Boat

Leaderhsip: Captain Your Own Ship

Leadership.  The word is held in high regards, especially with men’s philosophy of the time.  It is thrown around with abandon.  It is a way to fix any situation.  It is the path to winning at life.  We overcome with it.  It is all around us and within us.  But what is it and how is it supposed to be used.

The key is in the word.  You are the master of your ship.  You cannot lead another ship as your are in charge of yours.  It really is that simple.  Your life, your ship is all that you can control.  The path you lead yourself down is the path that those in your life will go down.  Early in your life, there is only you on your ship.  You are a one man crew.  You lift sails.  You steer.  You will be the one throw water out of it if you spring a leak. 

Control Your Boat First

You must master the art of you.  Once you are the master of all these different tasks, you can start looking for a crew to bring aboard.  But before you do this, you have define your destination.  This comes to you through by learning all the different parts of your ship.  You become a jack of all trades but a master of one.  Your destination is built on the mastery of that one. 

As you prepare for your crew to come aboard, i.e. friends and family, you are well prepared to know who can stay and who can go.  You know who can do the job that you need in your life because of the foundation of knowledge that you have built.  This is why people say that leadership can be taught.  It’s true but it can only be taught by you, to you if you have put in the work put before you.

Your Crew Can Only Be Taught By You

It is why you must put in the work.  If a man wants to lead his family he must start before he has a family.  If he doesn’t it will be much harder to put his crew into the places that he needs them.  It can be done but with great torment and hardship.  You will have to earn back a lot of trust and respect after the fact.  It becomes harder to lead. 

It is why we think that people who are natural born leaders are the way they are.  But it is highly likely they put in the early work.  They mastered the art of communication, the art of strategic thinking, the art of fitness.  They mastered their boat before they stepped out into the limelight.  It was this proper thinking in their early years that gave them the ability to be a leader of men in their later years.  

Don’t Be Deceived By The World

Leadership isn’t just for the top 10% of us.  It is a way of thinking that should permeate from the tops of our society to the bottom.  Yet, as we see the decline of it, as we have seen the decline in many of values we hold dear.

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