Live Before Death

Boat in Fog

As we walk in the realm of the living, we have different paths that are to be taken. Most will walk down there path, blindly following along as they kick rocks in front of them. Their parents have set them on the course of continuation.  Generation after generation, families have carried.  Most do not find something different from that path.  It isn’t that they live bad lives.  They are just meaningless lives.

There is no meaning in a life no hassle.  You live within the boundary lines that have been drawn out for you, with no ability to think your way out.  There is no power in your life to make you different.  All of our imagination is taken up by the modern consumerism.  To think beyond, you have to be bored.  You have to be so bored that you follow one of your thoughts down the rabbit hole.  You can’t be scared. 

Why can’t you create a new path out of one that wasn’t there?  Are you that bereft of courage? Scared of making the decisions that you would be forced to make.  Our lives are full of nothing that is a life or death situation.  We have chosen to pursue the life of comfort and in so doing, ruining the thing that made us human.

Why do we look at people that take risks or build magnificent things in awe?  Because there is an innate desire to do something dangerous.  We dream as children of flying among the stars and yet we sit on our ass for 18 hours a day.  We do not leave our house if there is a chance of rain.  We can’t even handle the weather of a hot day.  Most people would choose a movie over climbing a mountain range for the first time.

Beat Weakness With Strength

It is a sad commentary of our times.  Yet, there is hope.  We see pockets of resistance popping up to fight back against the decadence of our time.  This is the time to exit out of the shadows of past generations.  Of people who were unremarkable in their time and who failed to set a proper expectation and example.  You must move beyond.  You must choose to risk your life, even if you die.  Go experience the world.  See it up close.  From the mountain to the bottom of the lake.  Conquer her before she conquers you.

It is your responsibility.  Is the purpose of life to sit in climate controlled buildings with no scars to show for it?  The feeling you have right now is that you know that something isn’t quite right.  It is we who were supposed to go out and meet the enemy.  Face to face.  Hammer to shield.  Our blood is supposed to be spilled on hallowed grounds of combat.  We are suppose to fight for our lives in a storm over the Atlantic, feeling the sea salt on our lips as we look at a brutal death at the hands of Poseidon.

Choose life before death.

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