The New Way: 2020 is the break from the old

The world of 2020 is unlike any other.  For the vast majority of people, it has been an unprecedented failure.  They didn’t prepare.  They ran up debt in the lead up.  They let themselves succumb to the darkness that has been pervading the earth.  You can feel as people have allowed the so-called black pill swallow them whole.  It consumed them, swallowed them whole and then spit them back out into a darker, crueler world.  There is no escape for them.  They have made the decision to be defeated.

The Strong Will Build The Future. Are you one of them?

Then there are those of us who have taken the bull by the horn.  We have grasped onto the feet of Hermes as he flies here and there across the globe.  We were prepared to take the opportunities that came because of widespread fear and panic. We didn’t rely on one income, but had built multiple or are in the process of building one that doesn’t rely on someone else.  We pushed back against the pit of darkness that pervaded our world.  We broke through the ceilings of the old world and forged paths that would surely give us consideration into being received into Valhalla.  It is those warriors who will lead the way into the new world.

But what will the new world be?  We can’t go back to how it used to be.  There are way too many people who have recognized that there should be no trust built into our institutions.  We can no longer rely on traditional means of making a living as employers can be forced to shut out jobs down. We can no longer trust governments to make correct choices in dealing with huge decisions.  They have proven this multiple times over the last 30 years. 

The strong ones will come out of this.  Those who were prepared will be the new wealthy class.  They are the ones that will lead the way forward.  We are already seeing it in the world.  Leaders who come out strongly against the enemies of the western world are being back.  Places like Poland and Hungary are unabashedly nationalists.  This is also showing in the USA in 2016 and 2020.  The right is pushing back against the culture that was taken from them.  Anonymous auothers are taking on the fight and are the leading philosophical fight.  The right wing bodybuilders are going to be a powerful force into the future.

Build your community and set the rules

Then we are seeing the creation of small networks of communities that support each other.  Much like the small towns of old except now most of this will be done online.  These communities, if they grow strong enough, will begin to provide the supply chains of their members creating micro cultures in society.  How that plays out is yet to be determined.  We may see the disintegration of larger cultures and move back to more regional identities. 

The largest takeaway is that if you do not adapt to the new ways of the world, you will get eaten up by it.  This doesn’t mean forgetting your past. It means you will have to choose a new way. A new way to not have to depend on the old infrastructures on the past.  It means that you will have to destroy your old ideas and create anew.  Create every day.  Get paid everyday.  And then use it to invest in a future that you build outside the main system. 

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