Why I Train in the Rain

Train in the Rain

There are many things in life that lead to our comfort.  From our temperature-controlled houses and offices, to umbrellas and cars and public transportation.  Hell, we don’t even have to go out and search for our own food anymore. Most people don’t interact with nature on a daily basis.  We worry if our shoes get a little mud on them when we step out of the car to head into the store.  It is really quite unimaginable that less than 50 years ago, the vast majority of the West didn’t have the luxury to forget that nature exists.

              It’s why I train over 60% of the time outdoors. 

              I am big on getting out and conquering nature.  It was designed for us to do this.  We are designed to beat it.  Accomplishment and becoming a warrior is never built inside.  The great tales that we tell are all about people conquering nature and other civilizations.  It is the recurring theme throughout all of history.  Conquering heroes rise up.  They show us the way, the start civilizations and set people down a path. Then it is up to the next generations to rise up to defend it and hold it together.

              And if we do not steel ourselves, then we will be beaten back by this modern age.  We live in the good times and they are making everyone around us soft. But how do we take care of the ones that we love if we become soft? How do we protect them in a world that is actually dangerous?

             Everything in life is cyclical.  Nations and people rise, then they fall.  Good times turn into bad times.  It is those bad times that we are preparing for and the reason why we actually train.  Yes, during the good times we train for aesthetics, but the strength that we build is purely for the times that we hope never come.

              Nature, therefore, is our battleground.  We fight against it and many times she fights back.  Through storms and hills and rocks and bugs, you have to fight her every time you go out.  Yet, people will do anything to avoid this.  They will make sure that they run the last 10 feet from the car to the grocery store to avoid a light sprinkle from the sky.  You don’t want to be that person.

              That person will never be able to handle the real shit that happens in the world.  That person will not make it past the opening stages of truly bad times.  So far, most of us have been able to escape the bad.  The goal is to make your life intentionally harder so the shock is not as great.  That is why I train in the rain and cold. 

              You body is adaptable.  It will adapt to your circumstances.  What happens if it doesn’t ever leave the nice comfortable bed or the perfectly tempered, artificial construct of human life that exists today?  It becomes weak.  This is why our best warriors train in all conditions.  From freezing cold water to hot, sweaty beaches. Your body will adapt to what you put it in.  

               Training is meant to be hard.  Building a strong mind is just as important as building a strong body.  The best way I do this is by training in the worst weather conditions.  Thunderstorm outside? Perfect lets get some reps in.  Cold as balls? How about a couple mile run.  Once you get over the fear of being wet, cold, or burning up, it actually becomes enjoyable.  After the first 5 minutes of asking yourself why you are doing this, you start to embrace it. 

              It sounds stupid and dumb, but if you have ever been out hiking and a cloud burst pops up, you will thank yourself for doing this.  You know you have to push on even though you don’t want to.  You, of course, want to make sure you aren’t going to kill yourself the first couple of times do.  Work yourself up.  Just start by going for a walk in a light rain.  The more you do it, the more you will not fear it.  You mind and your body will not shy away from some weather.  You will start to listen to your body more.  You will know when you have actually had enough versus when you are just tired. 

              This is why I continue to do it.  I learned that to overcome nature is to overcome my weak mentality.  My weak mentality of fear and being comfortable.  It was a huge step forward and throwing off the shackles of the modern world for me. 

             I learned that I really didn’t need music or my phone.  Surely couldn’t have those things in a downpour.  Besides that, it is really quite magical when you are out there all alone.  All you can hear is the wind and the rain and your thoughts.  Your thoughts are telling you that you have to do it because it’s the only way to get out of it. 

              That last part is the biggest reason why I continue to do it.  If I get caught out, my body knows what it has to do to get through it, but my mind is the one that needs trained.  It now knows that it can.  It knows that most of what I think can’t be done, can be, and I will still have more than enough to get through it. 

              Don’t train in just one environment.  Don’t train just one way.  Of course lift weights in the gym, but then get out and do some pull ups in the rain on a tree branch.  Open your body up to as many variants as possible.  Real cross training is meant to train both your body and your mind.  Get out into your environment and beat it.  Whether sunshine or rain.  Whether hot or cold.  Prepare your body by allowing nature to take a few punches at it. 

              Become the weather warrior.

              Train Hard, Conquer Nature

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